DAC Wildlife Articles

Articles on Sonoran Wildlife

  1. Alert! Wildlife Poisonings by Barbara Sciacca. There are more humane methods to eliminate rodents.
  2. Bark Scorpions by Mia Ditson. Nothing to mess with.
  3. Barn Owls and Mineshafts by Bob Gaulden. The symbiotic relationship of barn owls and old mineshafts.
  4. Be Aware of the Buzz by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. The defensive Africanized honeybee.
  5. Black Cardinal is Really Phainopepla by Nancy Laizure. The “Shining Robe”.
  6. Bobcat by Margaret Stewart. The most common, but rarely seen, southwestern cat.
  7. Brave Heart by Janet Law. The remarkable hummingbird.
  8. Brown Spiders by Cliff Faver DVM (adapted from his information). Equally as menacing as the Brown Recluse.
  9. Cattin’ Around with the Bobcats by Lynne Hoss. Enjoy what you can see in our Sonoran Desert foothills.
  10. Cave Creek: Refuge for Desert Fish by Thom Hulen. Their presence testifies to the incredible nature of the Sonoran Desert.
  11. Cobwebs by Jim Blackburn. A sure sign your house is being cleaned.
  12. Coyote, God’s Dog by Margaret Stewart. We are fortunate to have the coyote as our Foothills neighbor.
  13. Crotalus in the Cabin by Geoffrey Platts. A remarkable encounter.
  14. Desert Bighorn Sheep in the Cave Creek Area by Thom Hulen. Reintroduction possible into the Desert Foothills.
  15. Did You Know? by Tanya Wyman DVM. Unusual, perhaps useful facts, to know.
  16. For the Birds by Geri Rodin. Bird feeding and unintended consequences.
  17. Got Bugs? by Cliff Faver DVM. We may have a dry heat, but don’t take them for granted.
  18. Greetings from the Critters by Penelope Cox. A report on a few recent sightings from my “roost”.
  19. Hawks and a Year in the Desert by Jeanne Kiefer. The joys of living among exotic wildlife.
  20. If You Find a Baby Quail by Jeani Garrett. How you can help baby quail survive.
  21. Invasive Crayfish by Thom Hulen. Another example of unintended consequences.
  22. It’s A Bullsnake, But It’s No Bull by Abby Hemingway. What to do when you encounter a bullsnake, or two, in your house.
  23. Large Black Birds by Jacky Davis. How to tell ravens from crows.
  24. Little Brown Towhee Wears A Rusty Beanie by Nan Byrne. Who is that little brown bird?
  25. My Friend, Jack by Marguerite Lanham. That is, Jack, for jackrabbit.
  26. Nature Is Evil? by Diane Vaszily. Is it really that scary out there?
  27. New World Turkey Vultures by Penelope Cox. Soaring beautifully over the Desert Foothills.
  28. Our Backyard Watering Hole by Kiki Young (as told to Diane Vaszily). Hardly a day goes by without some sort of performance.
  29. Quail Log: March 26th to May 4th by Gerry Rodin/Jeani Garrett. A primer on quail birthing.
  30. Quail Show Concern for Babies by Linda Voremberg. Bonding within quail families.
  31. Small Birds Give Ground to Thrasher by Nan Byrne. You’ll know me by my distinctive whistle.
  32. Snakes and Spiders Won’t Do It Alone by Jim Blackburn. Why I like snakes and spiders.
  33. Solitary Bees by Mia Ditson. Distinct from honeybees and vital to the Sonoran Desert.
  34. Tarantula Crossing the Road by Geri Rodin. The gentle giants of our spider world.
  35. The Green Umbrella by Janet Law. Mourning doves take up residence.
  36. The Kissing Bug by Nan Byrne. You can call this sneaky bug by many names.
  37. The Ringtail by Penelope Cox. When is a cat not a cat?
  38. There’s a Quail Nest in My Geraniums by Jeani Garrett. Quail can live happily alongside humans if humans cooperate.
  39. Turkey Vultures Return for Summer by Nancy Laizure. Turkey vultures do their share to keep the world clean.
  40. We Brake for Baby Quail! by Brenda Olive. May we protect this never-ending source of enjoyment.
  41. Whatever Happened to the Horny Toads? by Lynne Hoss. Thriving in the wild.
  42. Who’d Choose a Cactus Wren as Arizona’s State Bird? by Jim Blackburn. A unique and independent character.
  43. Who’s Not Appreciated? by Jim Blackburn. Lizards: kind of nice to have around.
  44. A Cardinal Nesting Story by Nancy Laizure
  45. A Desert Walk Reveals Playful Activities by Penny Cox
  46. A Negative Report on Electric Cure for Snakebite by Bert Edises
  47. Abandoned Wildlife…Really? by Bert Edises
  48. Abundant Food Supply Draws Towhees to Area by Helen Fancher
  49. All You Need to Know About Lowly Lizards by Jo Walker
  50. Amazing Animals by Helen Fancher
  51. Area is Kind to Visiting Warblers by Jo Walker
  52. Arizona’s Littles tBig Game Doesn’t Present Much Danger by CCIA Conservatin Committee
  53. Attracting and Feeding Birds by CCIA Conservation Committee
  54. Badgers by Penelope Cox
  55. Bent-Winged Vulture Seen Amoung Returning Birds by Jo Walker
  56. Beware of the Variety of Ticks in Animals by Marguerite Lanham
  57. Bird Feed Draws Pesky Squirrel by Bert Edises
  58. Bird Watcher Finds Elevation reveal Changes by Frank Casanova
  59. Birding Creates Thrilling Adventures by Laura Cox
  60. Birds in Your Backyard by Helen Fancher
  61. Birdwatcher Clocks Seasonal Visits by Frank Casanova
  62. Birdwatcher Observes Stunt-Flying Ability, Antics by Jane Ekrom
  63. Bobcat’s Role of Increasing Importance to Arizona’s Ecosystem by Jo Walker
  64. Bobcat’s Visit Upsets neighborhood Routine by Margaret Stewart
  65. Bobwhites by Marshall Fancher
  66. Borer Beetles Beset Palo Verde Trees by Nan Byrne
  67. Brood Sizes May Illustrate Quails’ Elusion of Old Foe by Frank Casanova
  68. Cactus Wren Sparkles in Old Discarded Christmas Tree by Edie Hennacy
  69. Cactus Wrens Like to Nest in Empty Coconut Shells by Frank Cassanova
  70. Centenarian Survives its Harsh Desert Life by Penelope Cox
  71. Changing Season Ideal Time to Observe Animals by Marguerite Lanham
  72. Charile’s Folly-An Ode to the Ludicrous Roadrunner by Penny Cox
  73. Close Encounters with Intriguing Ants by Janet Heber
  74. Colorado River Toad – One of Our Friends by Desert Awareness Committee
  75. Colorado River Toad Stocking up for Hibernation by Desert Awareness Committee
  76. Conclusion of a Wildlife Calendar by Frank Casanova
  77. Condors by Bobbie Weingard
  78. Cone-nosed Beetle is Silent Purveyor of Pain by Nan Byrne
  79. Cottontail in No Danger of Becoming Extinct by Nan Byrne
  80. Coyote Invaluable to Ecological Balance by Bert Edises
  81. Coyotes Make Quick Work of Rabbit by Desert Awareness Committee
  82. Dead Agave Plants Attract all Kinds of Birds and Wildlife by Corky Cockburn
  83. Describing a Veritable Parade of Wildlife by Cassanova and Jones
  84. Desert Tortoise at Home Here by Gladys Nisbet
  85. Desert’s Largest Toad to Seek Hibernation in Coming Season by CCIA Conservatin Committe
  86. Do you enjoy feeding the birds? by CCIA Conservatin Committee
  87. Dripping Ponds Can Attract Wildlife by Andy Romanyak
  88. Female Tarantuals Gentle, Long Lifed by CCIA Conservation Committee
  89. Foothills Bird Feeders Attract Exotic Species by Nan Byrne
  90. Friendly Nuthatch is Entertaining by Frank Casanova
  91. Getting Acquainted with the Squirrel by Jane Ekrom
  92. Ground Snakes Can Be An Asset by Christine Zuick
  93. Harris Hawks by Nancy Laizure
  94. Harris Hawks: a Real Family Affair by Marguerite Lanham
  95. Havahart Trap: No Bait, No Wait by Bert Edises
  96. Help Offered to Halt Hummingbird Harrassment by Gladys Nisbet:Sketch by Nan Byrne
  97. History of Grizzly Makes Re-introduction to Arizona Unlikely by Bert Edises
  98. Honeybee Thrives in Sonoran by CCIA Conservation Committee
  99. How do coyotes fit into “Natural” scheme of things? by CCIA Conservation Committee
  100. How to Round up a Desert Rattlesnake by Geoffrey Platts
  101. Hummingbirds Flight Patterns, Behavior are a Wonder to Behold by Helen Fancher
  102. It’s Easy to Attract Wildlife in Foothills by Desert Awareness Committee
  103. Javelina: Questions and Answers by Bert Edises
  104. Kangaroo Rat Important Factor in the Ecology of our Desert by Bert Edises
  105. Keep Your Eyes Open for the “Carefree Streetwalker” by Nan Byrne
  106. Knowledge about Snakes Beneficial by Peter Mayne
  107. Lawrence’s Ode to Slithery Snakes by Lawrence, Taormina, Sicily
  108. Less Exotic Animals Still Provide Pleasure for Nature Lovers by Jane Ekrom
  109. Lifespan Varies Among Desert Species by CCIA Conservatin Committee
  110. Little Skinks Make Big Impressions by Helen Fancher
  111. Lizards Antics capture Imaginaton by Barbara Sciacca
  112. Lizards are Welcome Denizens of the Desert by Jo Walker
  113. Local Birdwatchers Experience the Take-off of 30,000 Geese by Corky Cockburn
  114. More About Lizards: Welcome Denizens of Our Sonoran Desert by Jo Walker
  115. Mother Nature is Best for Baby Wild Animals by Nancy Laizure
  116. My Friend, Coyote, Sends a Message by Jane Ekrom
  117. Nature Cares for Winged Friends by Frank Casanova
  118. Neotoma Houdini is a Sly Rat by Bert Edises
  119. Night Hawks are Voracious Insect Eaters That Will Not Walk by John Engler
  120. Nocturnal Great Horned Owl Works Graveyard Shift by Bert Edises
  121. Odds and Ends on Coyotes by Desert Awareness Committee
  122. ‘Other’ Cave Creek a Bird Watcher’s Paradise by Corky Cockburn
  123. Owls are Subject of Folklore by Geoffrey Platts
  124. Poor-will Startles its Rescuers by Nan Byrne
  125. Porcupines by Penny Cox
  126. Quail and More Rely on Desert Foods by Andy Romanyak
  127. Rare Bird in Desert Foothills by Nancy Laizure
  128. Raven’s Intelligence, Ravenous Appetite Set Him Apart by Bert Edises
  129. Reality of Coyotes’ Life Cycle Endangers Pets by Cliff Faver
  130. Return of Bird Friends Mark Season’s Change by Nancy Laizure
  131. Rock Squirrel Encounters by Bert Edises
  132. Rock Squirrel is Important Link to Well-being of Desert Environment by Nan Byrne
  133. Season Change Brings New Mixture of Birds by Nan Byrne
  134. Shrike is Not a Favorite Among His Fellow Birds by Nancy Laizure
  135. Shy Bobcat Can Still be Seen in the Desert by Penelope Cox
  136. Snake Charming – Getting Rid of Snakes is Easier When They Cooperate by Frank Cassanova
  137. Snakes Alive! Bird Brain Rids Desert of Serpents by Frank Cassanova
  138. Snakes are Maligned, Misunderstood by Christine Zuick
  139. Snakes Back on the Move This Spring by CCIA Conservation Committee
  140. Songs, Signs, Silhouettes Tip Off Area Bird Watchers by Helen Fancher
  141. Spring is the Season of Plenty by June B. Peterson
  142. Spring is the Time of Year to Enjoy all Types of Life by CCIA Conservatin Committee
  143. Survival: Quail Chick Survives Trial by Water by Desert Awareness Committee
  144. Swallows Capture Curiosity of Trail Rider by Nancy Laizure
  145. Swallows There, Vultures Here by Jo Walker
  146. Taking Babies From Their Natural Habitat Can Mean Early Death by Desert Awareness Committee
  147. Tangle Leaves Wren Legless by Corky Cockburn
  148. Tarantulas and Wildlife Laws by Nan Byrne
  149. That Cardinal May Be a Pyrrhuloxia by Nancy Laizure/Sketch by Nan Byrne
  150. The Cactus Wren: State Bird is Most Personable Desert Dweller by Bert Edises
  151. The Desert Packrat Revisited by Bert Edises
  152. The Gila Monster is a Protected and Rare Species by Desert Awareness Committee
  153. This Bug’s “Kiss” Isn’t So Nice by Nan Byrne
  154. This Scarecrow is Called Home by Cactus Wren by Nancy Laizure
  155. This Story is For the Birds by Corky Cockburn
  156. Tips on Tracking Desert Wildlife by Geri Rodin
  157. True, Bugs Were Having Their Day by Jo Walker
  158. Trusting Nature is Fox’s Undoing by Helen Fancher
  159. Truths About Roadrunners by Bert Edises
  160. Turkey Vultures Return for the Summer by Nancy Laizure
  161. Two Different Views Expressed on Role of Coyotes by Desert Awareness Committee
  162. Visitors Curiosity Satisfied Abut Desert Floor Pock-markings by John Engler
  163. Watching Feathered Friends Always a Pleasure by Helen Fancher
  164. Watching Nature’s Balancing Act by Jane Ekrom
  165. What to do for Lost Quail Chicks by Ann Blood
  166. What’s Become of the West’s Big, Bad Wolf by Bert Edises
  167. White Crowned Sparrows by Corky Cockburn
  168. Wildlife Memories, Happy and Tragic by Cleo Rothman
  169. Wildlife Week is Celebrated by Geoffrey Platts
  170. Wildlife Week Promotes Awareness by CCIA Conservation Committee
  171. Wildlife Week Set for March 20-26 by CCIA Conservation Committee
  172. Writer Says Coyote Shining Example of Christianity by Ellerie Wolfer