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Jim Sherbert, a top chief executive and business advisor, will take attendees through an exploration of several pillars of U.S. and Arizona history in this Americana Lifelong Learning series.

Sherbert has a passion for history and the broad scope of events and people who make America unique among nations.

Held on the second Tuesday of the month, the series will delve into one pillar of what makes the U.S. such a unique nation.

Here’s what’s coming up during the series that runs through June:


  • January 11th – American Pride
    • Often known as the most prideful nation on earth, the U.S. is a true human melting-pot. So much social complexity makes the U.S. the most racially and religiously integrated nation in modern times. This lecture will examine some of its most prideful features and discuss what drives the American ethos.


  • February 8th – The History of Journalism in America
    • Journalism in 2022 has become enormously complex with numerous channels of communication, enormous competition, all bombarded onto an increasingly less learned populous. How did American journalism get where it is and where is it going?


  • March 8th – Wall Street
    • Investors established the first corporations to shield themselves from liabilities incurred by companies. This lecture will examine the broad concepts of investing, including the risks and rewards, from both the perspective of a casual investor and that of a trader “on the floor.” They are often very different.


  • April 12th – The History of Arizona
    • Like much of the rest of the West, Arizona’s history prior to statehood in 1912 featured mining, water, farming, and a few high-risk ventures. But many of the people who built the last of the 48 contiguous US states were quite interesting and make for a very good story.


  • May 10th – Banking in America
    • In the early 1800s, credit was necessary to drive the industrial revolution, but there were few banking institutions. Today, America’s total banking assets exceed $24 trillion. We’ll answer the questions: how we got where America is today and how does banking really work?


  • June 14th – The Colorado River & Grand Canyon
    • The first Europeans to observe this river in the Grand Canyon were the Conquistadors in 1540, who could not comprehend its scope.  Untouched until after the Civil War it has been a source of water and power since the 1930s for the entire Southwest and a scenic wonderland for the world.  But its story is much more complex.


This is an in-person class. $10 payable at the door.



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