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Here’s your chance to see the entire AnthroBites Series of 8 lively lectures on cultural variations around the world. This is an awareness series, serving up “small plate” portions of information on topics as diverse as:  Culture, Ritual, Kinship, Shamans and Healers, The Arts, Sex & Gender, Race & Ethnicity and Cultural Appropriation. Taught by Cultural Anthropologist, artist-Jan Downey, the focus is on cultural lifeways of humans with who we share the world. And, along the way, you will be finding out more about yourself.

The entire series of 8 is $144, and registration for the series is open until Jan. 12. This is a discount price, as the individual sessions, which are also available, are $20 each. Each session is on a Tuesday, at 10:00 am, once a week, starting on Jan. 12 and ending on March 2.  PLEASE REGISTER AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE THE CLASS START DATE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE INSTRUCTIONS AND MATERIALS.

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