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What would your life be like if you woke up every day excited to be greeted by a space that looked and felt like “you” at your very best? Sometimes we forget that we are not separate from our spaces, that we share a reciprocal relationship with our homes.  Too often our homes become simply containers for our possessions.  Feng Shui practice allows you live in gratitude for your space and work with its inherent energy to grow a supportive space that matches your highest intentions and desires.

Feng Shui covers more than just our homes. Practicing Feng Shui starts with recognizing the natural environment that surrounds our homes.  Special attention in this talk will be given to the rugged, yet meandering landscape of the Cave Creek and Sonoran desert area, where the presence of strong mountain energy enhances the local area.   We will discuss the importance of those mountains and of flowing water which guides abundance and energy flow and how this can support you in your home office. Incorporating fire element energy with local wildlife as a model will also be touched on. Through discussion, we will draw a comparison between the local ecosystem’s structure and how to mirror its rhythm with Feng Shui 5-element theory.

Participants will learn to use a bagua energy map to enhance each of the 9 areas of their homes and will learn to use Feng Shui tools to guide the energy of their own spaces.  They will leave with the beginning knowledge and history of Feng Shui and Yin Yang theory and will be inspired to implement energetic changes that will allow their homes to thrive.   Sept. 17, 2022, 10:00 – 11:30 am.  $25

Cynthia Young, CEFSP, is a certified Essential Feng Shui Practitioner and trauma-sensitive Meditation Instructor. She works with groups, individuals and business owners to help them better understand how to support their authenticity and live with resiliency through creating a thriving space. For more details, please visit

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