Guidelines for a Successful Class

  1. Professional Conduct: Instructors are to maintain a professional relationship with participants and parents/guardians of minor participants at all times. Classes should not include any content/curriculum that would be reasonably considered scandalous, controversial, defamatory, or obscene—and shall not violate, infringe, or impede the legal or equitable rights of any person, firm, corporation, or other organization.
  2. Equipment & Supplies: The Holland Center only provides tables, chairs, and projection equipment. Instructor must provide all other equipment needed for their class. Instructors cannot store their materials at the facility, and may not use the copy machines or computers.
  3. Liability & Insurance: The Holland Center is insured in the case of any liability claim occurs against it. This insurance does not in any way provide insurance coverage for instructors. Therefore, if a liability claim occurs against an instructor, the instructor is responsible for defending herself/himself, and paying a claim brought against them.

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