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Sonoran Desert Informational Articles

  1. “A Desert Place” The first column by Geoffrey Platts from 1983.
  2. A Reflective Time to Heap Praise and Identify Shame by Geoffrey Platts
  3. A Spirit Of Place by Geoffrey Platts
  4. A Water Hole for Wildlife is Delightful Bonus by Marshall Fancher
  5. Accumulated Wealth of Ideas on Horse Care and Keeping by
  6. Adventure at Your Doorstep by Margaret Stewart. In tune with the world of the Sonoran Desert.
  7. All Forms of Life Deserve Reverance by Geoffrey Platts
  8. Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral? by Jim Blackburn. Taxonomists add increasing complexity to our old understandings.
  9. Annual Rainfall Varies Each Year 
  10. Arizona is Blessed with Diverse and Natural Environment by Geoffrey Platts
  11. Autumn in the Sonoran Desert – A Poem by Barbara Sciacca
  12. Biodiversity by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. What is it and do we need it?
  13. Bottle Bill Would Mean Cleaner Ditches and Roads by Geoffrey Platts
  14. Cans Don’t Litter, People Do;  Pick It Up 
  15. Change of Season Inspiring
  16. Clean-up Idea Functioning in National Park 
  17. Coffee Grounds Will Deter Ants by CCIA Conservation Committee
  18. Column is An Effort To Teach by CCIA Conservation Committee
  19. Community Support is Sought by Nan Bryne
  20. Consequences of Scraping it Bare by Desert Awareness Committee
  21. Conservation Committee Rescues Vegetation by Nan Byrne
  22. Conservation Committee Responds to Native Plant Ordinance Pleas by Desert Awareness Committee
  23. Conservation Work Growing in Community by Jo Walker
  24. Coffee Grounds Will Deter Ants by Jo Walker
  25. Column is an Effort to Teach by CCIA Conservation Committee
  26. Community Support is Sought by Nan Byrne
  27. Consequences of Scrapng it Bare by Desert Awarness Committee
  28. Conservation Committee Rescues Vegetation by Nan Byrne
  29. Conservation Committee Responds to Native Plant Ordinance Pleas by Desert Awareness Committee
  30. Conservation Work Growing in Community by Jo Walker
  31. Conservationist Dedicated to Desert Preservation by Geoffrey Platts
  32. Cooking in the Desert by Jim Blackburn. Solar cooking is another way to enjoy our unique desert climate.
  33. Count Shows Increased Species, Birds by Desert Awareness Committee
  34. Curiosity Must Not Turn to Disrespect by Janet Heiber
  35. DAC 30th Anniversary by Margaret Stewart. Preservation and education remain the mission.
  36. Dark is Great by Jim Blackburn. Living in the desert: clear skies, brilliant stars, luminous moon.
  37. Darker is Better for Star Watchers by Edith Page
  38. Desert Awareness Park by Stephanie Bradley. A family park in the heart of Cave Creek.
  39. Desert Beauty Offers Inspiration by Edie Hennacy
  40. Desert Blessings Reflective of Thanksgiving’s Meaning by Desert Awareness Committee
  41. Desert Heritage Classes by Desert Awareness Committee
  42. Desert Place’ Has Anniversary by Geoffrey Platts
  43. Early Spring Disrupts Desert’s Timing by Andy Romanyak
  44. English Visitor Demonstrates Appreciation for Desert by Bruce Dann
  45. Few Take Time to Heed Dangers of Washes by Bert Edises
  46. Fire: the Good, the Bad and the Necessary by Margaret Stewart. Use defensible space to protect your home.
  47. Fish Proficient at Desert Survival by Desert Awareness Committee
  48. Foothilss Gives Examples of Varying Rock Forms by Gladys Nisbet
  49. Forests are Ideal Hunting Grounds, Not Neighborhoods by Jane Ekrom
  50. Fragile Desert Deserves Respect by Edie Hennacy
  51. Good Horsekeeping’ Essential for Stableowners by Nan Byrne
  52. Group Strives for Desert Preservation by Geoffry Platts
  53. Hassayampa Flows Upside Down by Bert Edises
  54. Homes Enhance Natural Surroundings by Nancy Laizure
  55. How to Plant a Rock by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. All about landscape boulders.
  56. Hunters Must Take More Responsibility by Jo Walker
  57. I Wish You Some New Love of Lovely Things by Geoffrey Platts
  58. Learn to Know the Desert Before you Change It by Marshall J. Fancher
  59. Learning to Know the Desert Takes Time and Patience by Desert Awareness Committee. Your reward is a beautiful new experience.
  60. Letters from the Desert by Diane Vaszily, with Letters from Nan Byrne. Want to feel at peace?
  61. Links Severed in Chain of Life by Nancy Laizure
  62. Littering Form of Vandalism by Jo Walker
  63. Mogollon Rim Country Considered One of Nature’s Wonders by Bert Edises
  64. Mysteries of Monsoons Lead Resident on Search by Marshall Fancher
  65. Natural Food Makes Good Eating by Andy Romanyak
  66. Odds and Ends About the Foothills Outdoors by Frank Casanova
  67. On Caring for Spaceship Earth by Kay Vargas. We’re all crew members and we’re all stewards.
  68. One Person’s Desert is Another Person’s Garden by Bert Edises
  69. Optional Tax To Go to Wildlife by CCIA Conservation Committee
  70. Parallels in the Sun’s Rounds and Ours by Geoffrey Platts
  71. Plantings Diminish Soil Erosion by Nancy Laizure
  72. Plants, Wildlife Crowd Cool Washes by Bert Edises
  73. Poachers of the Desert Must Be Stopped by Nancy Laizure
  74. Poet Reiterates Desert Sentiment by Bruce Dann
  75. Progress: A Saddle-Weary ‘Dirty Word’ by J.B. Peterson
  76. Put Some Money Aside for a Hurting Mankind by Geoffrey Platts
  77. Quips During Lid Campaign: Many Bouquets by Jo Walker
  78. Rabies by Tanya Wyman DVM. A disease to be aware of and respect.
  79. Rain Enhanced the Foothilss Beauty by CCIA Conservation Committee
  80. Rain Foretells Good Spring Flowers by CCIA Conservatin Committee
  81. Rainfall in Foothills Beats 10 year Average by Andy Romanyak
  82. Reader Input Sought by CCIA by CCIA Conservation Committee
  83. Remember Wildlife with Tax Returns by Desert Awareness Committee
  84. Requiem for Sonora’is Ode to Desert Foothills by Shelton,Platts, Brock
  85. Return of Favorite Vulture, Ragweed and Quail Chicks a Sure Sign of Spring by Ekrom, Laizure
  86. Sonoran Desert Rich in Flora and Fauna by Nan Byrne
  87. Sophisticated Names for Beautiful Rocks in your Garden by Gladys Nisbet
  88. Spring Comes to the Harcuvars by Jacky Davis. A desert awakens.
  89. Stamp Issue Prompts Reflection by Geoffrey Platts
  90. State of Our Water: A Special Report by Andy Romanyak
  91. Summer is Here! by Nancy Laizure. Use your senses to detect the signs of summer.
  92. Summer is Here by Nancy Laizure.
  93. Take Heart: Conversation Efforts are Succeeding by Marshall Fancher
  94. Take Home A Boor Site by Margaret Stewart. Let no one say all was beauty here until you came.
  95. The Morning Star Still Rises in the East by June Peterson
  96. Thirsting for Water by Bert Edises
  97. Trapping: Public Should Be Aware of Laws and Methods for Capturing Animals by Nan Byrne
  98. Trees’ Worth Can’t be Measured by CCIA Conservation Committee
  99. Water, The Desert’s Most Precious, Rare Commodity by Bert Edises
  100. Water Filled Jugs Can Cause Fires by Jim Blackburn. Convex lenses can concentrate the sun’s rays.
  101. Weather with the Weathersmith by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. Tips to cope with our unique Arizona weather
  102. When Civilization Encroaches by Marshall Fancher. We benefit when we leave the desert as natural as possible.
  103. Wetlands, Sewer Ponds Bring Waterfowl to the State by Bert Edises
  104. Wilderness Preserve Harbors Accessible Desert Sanctuary by Glady Nisbet
  105. ‘Yes’ Vote Asked on Bottle Bill by Geoffrey Platts