DAC Plantlife Articles

Articles on Sonoran Desert Plantlife

  1. Beautiful Bushes Enhance Landscape by Brenda Olive
  2. A Pretty Parasite? by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. Here in our Sonoran Desert, there is a parasite that is actually pretty.
  3. Bulbils and Our Century Plant by Jim Blackburn. A reproductive oddity.
  4. Cattails at the Jewel of the Creek by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. Is this good news or bad news?
  5. Climate Change, Precipitation, and Native Vegetation by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. The importance of those not-so-pretty shrubs for erosion control.
  6. Desert Plants Kept Native Americans Healthy by Diane Vaszily. How did the indigenous people stock their medicine chest?
  7. Don’t Bust the Crust by Margaret Stewart. Why cryptobiotic crust needs to be protected.
  8. Fires Threaten Balance by Lynn Walsh. Non-native grasses, introduced by man, are the culprit.
  9. Fountain Grass by Thom Hulen. A beautiful, but invasive grass, not to be befriended.
  10. Growing Wildflowers in the Sonoran Desert by Lynn Walsh. Tips for growing Sonoran wildflowers in your garden.
  11. How Plants Keep Their Cool by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. They can’t move out of the sun; so how do they survive?
  12. Identifying a Plant Community by Jim Blackburn. What’s it like to live in a 1,154.121 plant community?
  13. Let the Games Begin! by Margaret Stewart. The olives are ripe!
  14. Mesquite by Nan Byrne. Lush refuge.
  15. News Flash: Desert mistletoe is not a threat to native trees by Steve Jones. Rather, we are the threat.
  16. Our Desert by Jim Blackburn. A land of thorns, prickles and spines.
  17. Raking (Or Is It Raping?) the Desert by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. Why not tidy up the desert?
  18. Salt Cedar Eating Beetle by Thom Hulen. Beneficial beetles take a bite out of salt cedar.
  19. Savvy Can Keep Desert Broom in Check by Nan Byrne. How to reduce the proliferation of this native plant.
  20. Seeds by Margaret Stewart. The interesting diversity of seeds.
  21. Self-Guided Nature Trail by Gretchen Mills. DAC helps private community create nature trail.
  22. Sonoran Desert Edible Plants by Lynne Hoss. A rich harvest is available to you without planting or watering.
  23. Spring Wildflowers in the Desert by Desert Awareness Committee members. Learning about Sonoran Desert ephemerals.
  24. Stop Winter Seeds Now by Lynn Walsh. How to use pre-emergents compatibly with native plants.
  25. Stress On Agaves by Lynn Walsh. A tiny weevil can take this noble stalk down!
  26. Sun Stunts Plant Growth by Jim Blackburn. A provocative idea.
  27. The Curse of the Salt Cedar by Thom Hulen. Best intentions lead conservationists astray.
  28. The Desert Pharmacy by Diane Vaszily. A natural pharmacopoeia for you in the Sonoran Desert.
  29. The Hard Life of a Desert Giant by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. Saguaros cope with their natural challenges or die.
  30. The Sacred Datura by Margaret Stewart. Thornapple, Moon Lily, Jimsonweed, Whatever.
  31. Tree Growth and Pruning by Jim Blackburn. How to prune Sonoran Desert trees.
  32. What Does CAM Mean to Your Cacti? by Patsy M. Miller Ph.D. My cactus grows very well, thanks to CAM.
  33. Wildflowers, Weeds and Wildfires by Thom Hulen. Let’s be part of the solution, not the problem
  34. Agave: Complex Plant Species by Glady Nisbet
  35. Allies: Jojobas and Pocket Mice by Nancy Laizure
  36. An Elusive Event by Nan Byrne
  37. Are you good at guessing ages? by CCIA Conservation Committee
  38. Arizona’a Chaparral Plant is Shrub Live Oak by Bert Edises
  39. Autumn Brings Changes in Habits of Desert Plants, Creatures by Marguerite Lanham
  40. Barrel Cactus Known by Many Nicknames by Penny Cox
  41. Be Informed on the Trees of the Desert by Helen Fancher
  42. Be Wise: All Spine Plants are not Cacti by Desert Awareness Committee
  43. Belly Flowers Create Colorful Foothills Spring by Glady Nisbet
  44. Birds Carry Sticky Parasite by Andy Romanyak
  45. Blooming Comes to Fall Desert by Gladys Nisbet
  46. Blooms of Autumn by Gladys Nisbet
  47. Bursage: A Natural by Desert Awareness Committee
  48. Cacti Practice Water Presentation by Christina Zuick
  49. Can Overwatering Really Harm Our Desert Vegetation by Frank Cassanova
  50. Cave Creek-Carefree’s Fall Blooming Plants are Spectacular by Gladys Nisbet
  51. Characteristics of the Mustard Family by David Lutz
  52. Chia Are Familiar in Desert Foothills by Gladys Nisbet
  53. Creosote Bush has benn in Existence for Nearly 40,000 Years by Andy Romanyak
  54. Creosote is Also Nurse to Other Plants by Andy Romanyak
  55. Desert Blooms Continue This Month by Gladys Nisbet
  56. Desert Bursage Playts Many Roles by Penny Cox
  57. Desert Can Double as a Pharmacy by Diane Vaszily
  58. Desert Delicacies Make Tempting Edible Dishes by Jo Walker
  59. Desert Marigolds are a Common Sight by Gladys Nisbet
  60. Desert Really Comes Alive with the Arrival of Fall Bloomers by Gladys Nisbet
  61. Desert Shrubs Can Save Water for Homeowners by Andy Romanyak
  62. Desert Wildflowers on the Bloom by Gladys Nisbet
  63. Desert’s Delicate Balance Threatened by Lynn Walsh
  64. Did you know there are boy and girl plants? by Jim Blackburn
  65. Don’t Snub the Ancient and Remarkable Creosote Bush by Bert Edises
  66. Drought-tolerant Plants Make Yardwork Easy by Andy Romanyak
  67. Elevation Alters Plant Pattern by Frank Casanova
  68. Everything About Saguaro Cacti by Andy Romanyak
  69. Flowers Bloom Less as Heat Rises by Gladys Nisbet
  70. Golden “Dodder” Weed is Parasite by CCIA Conservatin Committee
  71. Hackberry Shrub and Tree by Bert Edises
  72. Here’s the Last Word on Flowers by Gladys Nisbet
  73. How Desert Plants Adapt to Scarce Water Supplies by Bert Edises
  74. Ironwood Trees by Jo Walker
  75. Jojoba Requires Special Attention by Christina Zuick
  76. Knowledge of Desert Flora Kept Indians Alive by CCIA Conservation Committee
  77. Many Trees Can Be Easily Adapted for Desert Life by Andy Romanyak
  78. Martynia or Devil’s Claw by Nan Byrne
  79. Mistletoe Might Well Be Medicinal by Andy Romanyak
  80. Mistletoe Threatens Trees by Andy Romanyak
  81. Moisture and Light Trigger Blooming by Nan Byrne
  82. Moisture is Key to Pincushion by Andy Romanyak
  83. No Easy Answer to Questions of Watering Desert Vegetation by Christina Quick
  84. Ode to a Saguaro by Edith Page
  85. Palo Verde-Adaptable Under Duress by Bert Edises
  86. Plant Formation Tedious Process by Andy Romanyak
  87. Preservation of Large Desert Trees Possible and Worth the Effort by Nan Byrne
  88. Saguaro Boots by CCIA Conservatin Committee
  89. Sharp, Wicked Encounters of the Catclaw Kind by Helen Fancher
  90. Six Kinds of Cholla in the Desert by Andy Romanyak
  91. Some Foothills Flowers Also Like to Bloom in Fall by Gladys Nisbet
  92. Spring Flowers Burst into Bloom by Penelope Cox
  93. State Law Could Mean Protection of Desert Plants by Geoffrey Platts
  94. Sunflower Family Used for Rubber, Insecticide by David Lutz
  95. Tenacious Mistletoe Attacks Shrubs by Andy Romanyak
  96. The Desert Contains a Feast of Native Foods by Andy Romanyak
  97. The Fragile Desert – Still Fragile by Christina Zuick
  98. The Mesquite-Lush Refuge by Ellis Jones
  99. Trees Adapt Well to Desert Heat by Christina Zuick
  100. Trouble with Thristy Tamarisk by Bert Edises
  101. Venerable Saguaros, Now in Full Bloom by Andy Romanyak
  102. When is a weed not a weed? When it’s a native desert plant. by Penny Cox
  103. Wildflowers Continue Color Display by Glady Nisbet
  104. Wolfberries Produce a Bumper Crop by Andy Romanyak
  105. Xerophites Right at Home in the Desert by Andy Romanyak
  106. Yucca has Many Uses, Including Food, Soap by Andy Romanyak
  107. Yucca Radiates Desert Beauty by CCIA Conservation Committee
  108. Yucca, Agave and Aloe by Gladys Nisbet
  109. Yuccas Only in Southwestern States by Gladys Nisbet