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Embark on a transformative journey in “From Insight to Foresight: A Clarity Expedition,” where we delve into the art of gaining profound clarity to navigate your present and chart a purposeful course for the future. This dynamic class is designed to empower you with practical tools and strategic insights, helping you connect the dots from your current position to your desired destination.

The class emphasizes connecting the dots from the present to the future. As a result, students can expect to learn practical tools for setting meaningful goals and creating strategic plans to achieve them. This can contribute to a more purposeful and intentional approach to life.
In-Person – Classroom
  • Workshop
  • Adults 18+
  • Novice
Writing Utensil and Notebook.
Donna Whitley
Bullseye Life Coaching
Donna is the sole proprietor of Bullseye Life Coaching. She is a Master Life Coach, certified under the International Coaching Federation. She helps big-hearted people who have a dream in their heart, or are tired of thinking, “is this all there is,” step into an inspired, courageous, self-directed life, that is free of regret. Donna is married to her husband Scott of 35 years, who is a consultant in the beer industry. She has a son, James who works in sales and a daughter, Colleen who is pursuing a career in acting. She resides in both Denver, Colorado and Scottsdale, Arizona. Donna and Scott have owned a home in Terravita for 24 years.

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