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One of the most common questions asked is, am I experiencing normal cognitive aging or is this the start of abnormal cognitive aging/Alzheimer’s/dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the most feared disease for people over 60 especially for adults about to retire or those enjoying their retirement years.. This lecture is designed to provide detailed answers and provide a roadmap complete with information on prevention, care, and treatment.

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About our Speaker:

Brian Browne is the president of Cognitive Care Management® and founder of Neuro Nutrition™.  Brian is a cognitive scientist and neuro-nutritionist and possesses over 20 years of expertise in the fields of aging, dementia and nutrition. He is a noted public speaker and a frequent lecturer at meetings and conferences regionally and nationally.

About our Sponsor:

ACOYA Troon is a premiere senior living community complete with endless amenities, stunning residences and breathtaking desert views. Nestled at the foot of the famous Pinnacle Peak trailhead in one of North Scottsdale’s most desirable neighborhoods, ACOYA Troon offers a luxury retirement living experience modeled after the country’s finest resorts.  Thank you to ACOYA Troon for making this series possible!

Additional Lectures in this Series:

MARCH 29TH – Do your Genes Determine your Longevity & Health?
Do our genes predict our present and our future health and wellness? Current research sheds new light on whether we can count on our genes to help us or hurt us as we age. Are we destined to be sick or stricken with diseases as we age? Come learn about the science of epigenetics and what it means to your future health.

APRIL 26TH – Is it Normal Aging or Dementia?
This program will answer the question of what normal cognitive aging looks like and when abnormal cognitive aging begins. Alzheimer’s disease is the most feared disease for people over 60 but hope is on the horizon. This lecture is designed to point people in the right direction for answers, information, care, and treatment.

MAY 24TH – Is it my Memory or my Medications?
Every day many senior adults experience a foggy brain, a sluggish brain, and poor short-term memory. The immediate concern is whether the symptoms they are experiencing are a result of a senior moment or possibly early Alzheimer’s and dementia. Research has uncovered that a lot of cognitive decline in senior adults is actually caused by their medicine. Join us as we discuss how your medication may be affecting your memory.

Healthy Aging & Cognitive Health Lecture Series

Do your Genes Determine your Longevity & Health?

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