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Sun Safe Nutrition: Eating Your Way to Skin Cancer Prevention”

Flyer: The right foods can be your ally in skin cancer prevention, enabling you to enjoy the Arizona sun worry-free. Learn the power of micronutrients and antioxidants found in everyday foods that can strengthen your skin’s defense against UV damage. Discover simple dietary changes that can offer a layer of protection in addition to your sunscreen, with practical tips on incorporating these skin-saving nutrients into your daily meals. Empower yourself with knowledge and recipes that not only nourish your body but also guard your skin under the sun.


All classes start at 10:30 am in our cool and cozy front lobby.

RSVPs appreciated.

Bio: Alec Poppenwimer, M.S.

Alec Poppenwimer is a functional nutritionist and integrated health specialist. His deep understanding of the science behind nutrition helps clients improve their cellular and metabolic health. He works with Moon Integrated Health Clinic in Scottsdale and is a nutrition professor at OUAZ.


Welcome to our second annual Beat the Heat series! Don’t let summer heat zap your energy and turn you into a couch potato. Recharge this month at the Holland Center with our FREE summer sessions featuring community artists, doctors and business owners sharing their expertise and experiences.

Have fun AND learn something new with engaging and entertaining topics.  Invite a friend and enjoy a cool beverage at the Organic Bread Cafe or linger after and have lunch. Beat the Heat at the Holland Center and have some fun too!

Beat the Heat-Sun Safe Nutrition

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