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The secret to living well over age 40 is a brain that lasts as long as your life. This workshop will equip you with proven tools and strategies to optimize the health of mind, brain and body from the inside out. Topics include:

  • How inflammaging can make the brain age faster than the body
  • Ways to strengthen the four major brain hubs that organize the brain
  • The necessary activity for a brain that gets better with age
  • Three tools to renew brain and body
  • A personal plan to get better from within in 2022

Instructor bio:

Carefree resident Phyllis Strupp is an award-winning author and brain training expert, teaching how brains and lives can improve with age. She earned a “Brain Research in Education” certificate from the University of Washington-Seattle, and an MBA in finance from Columbia University. Her 2016 book Better with Age: The Ultimate Guide to Brain Training introduces a pioneering approach to “use it or lose it” based on her 13 years of experience with brain training.

Program fee: $25 (includes book and handouts)

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